[][src]Enum syn::Meta

pub enum Meta {

Content of a compile-time structured attribute.

This type is available if Syn is built with the "derive" or "full" feature.


A meta path is like the test in #[test].


A meta list is like the derive(Copy) in #[derive(Copy)].


A name-value meta is like the path = "..." in #[path = "sys/windows.rs"].

Syntax tree enum

This type is a syntax tree enum.



A structured list within an attribute, like derive(Copy, Clone).


A name-value pair within an attribute, like feature = "nightly".


impl Meta[src]

pub fn path(&self) -> &Path[src]

Returns the identifier that begins this structured meta item.

For example this would return the test in #[test], the derive in #[derive(Copy)], and the path in #[path = "sys/windows.rs"].

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Meta[src]

impl From<Meta> for NestedMeta[src]

impl From<MetaList> for Meta[src]

impl From<MetaNameValue> for Meta[src]

impl From<Path> for Meta[src]

impl Parse for Meta[src]

impl ToTokens for Meta[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Meta

impl !Send for Meta

impl !Sync for Meta

impl Unpin for Meta

impl UnwindSafe for Meta

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