[][src]Struct proc_macro2::Span

pub struct Span { /* fields omitted */ }

A region of source code, along with macro expansion information.


impl Span[src]

pub fn call_site() -> Span[src]

The span of the invocation of the current procedural macro.

Identifiers created with this span will be resolved as if they were written directly at the macro call location (call-site hygiene) and other code at the macro call site will be able to refer to them as well.

pub fn unwrap(self) -> Span[src]

Convert proc_macro2::Span to proc_macro::Span.

This method is available when building with a nightly compiler, or when building with rustc 1.29+ without semver exempt features.


Panics if called from outside of a procedural macro. Unlike proc_macro2::Span, the proc_macro::Span type can only exist within the context of a procedural macro invocation.

pub fn join(&self, other: Span) -> Option<Span>[src]

Create a new span encompassing self and other.

Returns None if self and other are from different files.

Warning: the underlying proc_macro::Span::join method is nightly-only. When called from within a procedural macro not using a nightly compiler, this method will always return None.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Span[src]

impl Copy for Span[src]

impl Debug for Span[src]

Prints a span in a form convenient for debugging.

impl From<Span> for Span[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Span

impl !Send for Span

impl !Sync for Span

impl Unpin for Span

impl UnwindSafe for Span

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