[][src]Struct proc_macro2::Punct

pub struct Punct { /* fields omitted */ }

An Punct is an single punctuation character like +, - or #.

Multicharacter operators like += are represented as two instances of Punct with different forms of Spacing returned.


impl Punct[src]

pub fn new(op: char, spacing: Spacing) -> Punct[src]

Creates a new Punct from the given character and spacing.

The ch argument must be a valid punctuation character permitted by the language, otherwise the function will panic.

The returned Punct will have the default span of Span::call_site() which can be further configured with the set_span method below.

pub fn as_char(&self) -> char[src]

Returns the value of this punctuation character as char.

pub fn spacing(&self) -> Spacing[src]

Returns the spacing of this punctuation character, indicating whether it's immediately followed by another Punct in the token stream, so they can potentially be combined into a multicharacter operator (Joint), or it's followed by some other token or whitespace (Alone) so the operator has certainly ended.

pub fn span(&self) -> Span[src]

Returns the span for this punctuation character.

pub fn set_span(&mut self, span: Span)[src]

Configure the span for this punctuation character.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Punct[src]

impl Debug for Punct[src]

impl Display for Punct[src]

Prints the punctuation character as a string that should be losslessly convertible back into the same character.

impl From<Punct> for TokenTree[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Punct

impl !Send for Punct

impl !Sync for Punct

impl Unpin for Punct

impl UnwindSafe for Punct

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