[][src]Struct proc_macro2::Group

pub struct Group { /* fields omitted */ }

A delimited token stream.

A Group internally contains a TokenStream which is surrounded by Delimiters.


impl Group[src]

pub fn new(delimiter: Delimiter, stream: TokenStream) -> Group[src]

Creates a new Group with the given delimiter and token stream.

This constructor will set the span for this group to Span::call_site(). To change the span you can use the set_span method below.

pub fn delimiter(&self) -> Delimiter[src]

Returns the delimiter of this Group

pub fn stream(&self) -> TokenStream[src]

Returns the TokenStream of tokens that are delimited in this Group.

Note that the returned token stream does not include the delimiter returned above.

pub fn span(&self) -> Span[src]

Returns the span for the delimiters of this token stream, spanning the entire Group.

pub fn span(&self) -> Span {

pub fn span_open(&self) -> Span[src]

Returns the span pointing to the opening delimiter of this group.

pub fn span_open(&self) -> Span {

pub fn span_close(&self) -> Span[src]

Returns the span pointing to the closing delimiter of this group.

pub fn span_close(&self) -> Span {

pub fn set_span(&mut self, span: Span)[src]

Configures the span for this Group's delimiters, but not its internal tokens.

This method will not set the span of all the internal tokens spanned by this group, but rather it will only set the span of the delimiter tokens at the level of the Group.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Group[src]

impl Debug for Group[src]

impl Display for Group[src]

Prints the group as a string that should be losslessly convertible back into the same group (modulo spans), except for possibly TokenTree::Groups with Delimiter::None delimiters.

impl From<Group> for TokenTree[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for Group

impl !Send for Group

impl !Sync for Group

impl Unpin for Group

impl UnwindSafe for Group

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