[][src]Trait num_traits::ops::mul_add::MulAddAssign

pub trait MulAddAssign<A = Self, B = Self> {
    fn mul_add_assign(&mut self, a: A, b: B);

The fused multiply-add assignment operation.

Required methods

fn mul_add_assign(&mut self, a: A, b: B)

Performs the fused multiply-add operation.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl MulAddAssign<f32, f32> for f32[src]

impl MulAddAssign<f64, f64> for f64[src]

impl MulAddAssign<isize, isize> for isize[src]

impl MulAddAssign<usize, usize> for usize[src]

impl MulAddAssign<i8, i8> for i8[src]

impl MulAddAssign<u8, u8> for u8[src]

impl MulAddAssign<i16, i16> for i16[src]

impl MulAddAssign<u16, u16> for u16[src]

impl MulAddAssign<i32, i32> for i32[src]

impl MulAddAssign<u32, u32> for u32[src]

impl MulAddAssign<i64, i64> for i64[src]

impl MulAddAssign<u64, u64> for u64[src]

impl MulAddAssign<i128, i128> for i128[src]

impl MulAddAssign<u128, u128> for u128[src]

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